Waiting for the 'Moo-Moo's!

"There is no bigger fun, as to have a party with live music at the beach! Setup for the Moo-Moo's!"

The task:  I had gotten some product sets from 'Tartassos Arts' for which i wanted to create a scene at the beach:
  • The Coastline Chill Bed Set
  • The Excess Jacuzzi Set
  • The World Tour Set
How can i show these items in one picture? After a short while i got the idea to have a little party at the beach with a small live band. Here is the result:

Click the picture to enlarge

Items on this picture:

From the 'World Tour Set' by TARTESSOS ARTS:
Amp 1 - 3
From the 'Coastline Chill Bed Set' by TARTESSOS ARTS:
Double Conga
Coastline Chill Bed
Champagne Stand
Coastline Lantern
From the 'Excess Jacuzzi Set' by TARTESSOS ARTS:
Excess FlipFlops
Excess Candle

Other items on this picture (left to right):

Firepit by Dutchie
Guitarbag by Manuel Ormidale
Bongos by Mesh With Me
Hemingway Stool by Diesel Works
Boom Boom Inner Tube Rezzer by Boom Boom Punky
String lights by floorplan.
Avalon Lifeguard Tower by [BRENO]
Illuminated Ladder by Knick Knack Paddy Whack
Leather Poof by Dutchie
Spike Rug by Cheeky Pea
Deconstructed Side Table by Cheeky Pea
Floating Mattress Vehicle Rezzer by Boom Boom Punky
Beach Picnic by PILOT
Roofed Wicker by [bauwerk]
Tyne Camping Chairs by Cheeky Pea
Coco Cola drink cooler and drink giver by Headhunter's Island
Standing Rabbit by HPMD*

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