The coastal bedroom

How to furnish and decorate a house by the sea?

First you have to answer the question: 'Where is my house by the sea?' The answer is crucial for the furniture, because in the Caribbean you'll need other furniture than on the Atlantic coast.

Our house is in the virtual northern hemisphere and should be furnished in an American-Canadian style. We want it summery, fresh and bright. This is why we decided us for the so-called 'coastal look'. White weathered boards, simple design, a palette of earthy, natural textures, lots of natural light and modern furniture with a rustic, eclectic look. This means mostly white or pastel colored wooden furniture. Accessories in bold colors, predominantly blue and red mixed with nautical symbols. You can decorate your house with all the things you can find at the beach or in an old fisher village.

The first room I want to set up, is the bedroom. Please do not ask me why. I don't know. ;)

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Items on this picture:

Bed Set (Adult) by LAQ Decor
Surfer's Paradise Hanging Shells by {what next}
Sailors Stool (white) by floorplan.
Garden Aspidistra by Xedos 
Recycling Lamp by Jordan Giant
  Fence Blue With Photos by Trompe Loeil
Oar Rack by floorplan.
Lighthouse Bowl by TSC
Stack OF Towels by Dutchie
Shells by Punky Banx
'So Boho' Dressing Screen by {what next}

As you see at the item list, there are many things to get at the 'Marketplace' to furnish and decorate a house in coastal style. 

The background color in this room is white and light blue. 

Center point of each bedroom is the bed. Therefore I would like to describe in some detail about this great bed. The bed-set of 'LAQ Decor' comes in 10 different colors for the wood parts. For me, the light blue one fits most for this room. More details about the bed-set:

Included is a bed for two persons and two different decorated bedside tables. Everything is mesh. Everything together, with two bedside tables is 12 Li.

  • 10 different pillow textures. 
  • 19 different cover textures. 
  • 7 different sheet textures.
  • 13 Female various poses 
  • 7 Male sleep poses 
  • 5 Male various poses
  • 6 Couple sleep animations 
  • 5 Couple cuddle animations 
  • 3 Couple kissing animations 
  • 20 Couple erotic animations

A picture frame is also available on one of the tables where you can add your own personal photo. Also included is the vintage alarm clock, lantern and a pair of slippers.

The bed is 6 Li. The bedside tables are 3 Li each. 

All of the textures for the bed can be changed from a single menu with the option to tint everything. The option to sleep both over or underneath the sheets exists for both one and two persons.

The bedside tables comes with a functional lamp and candle lights which you can turn on and off. All copy and modify.

For a better beach house look i have changed the textures of the bedside lamps. They now have a stripe design.

The wall decor is not commercially available. I have the texture (tga) created in photoshop and put it on an invisible prim.

The hanging lamp of recycling paper is available as a free gift here at the marketplace.

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